Panic attacks – study offers CBT session

An Oxford University study is offering an Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) session for patients who suffer from panic attacks.

What the study is about

One session of CBT has already been shown to help most patients who suffer with panic attacks feel better. Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust is testing whether giving one dose of the blood pressure medication losartan prior to the CBT session can improve response further.

Who can take part

People who experience panic attacks, where they rapidly develop a large number of frightening physical symptoms, such as a racing heart, breathlessness or dizziness. Patients are then convinced they are suffering a medical emergency, such as a heart attack or fainting.

What is on offer

  • One session of effective and tested CBT
  • Travel costs
  • Reimbursement of time

What previous participants say

‘I cannot thank you enough for how you have helped me and hope you will continue to go on to help many others who are trapped in this awful condition.’

‘I am finally beginning to believe it is possible to live a life free of anxiety and panic attacks and that’s an amazing thought!’

‘Life is still absolutely fantastic after the study.’