Primary Care Networks

The new GP contract in January 2019 agreed to the setting up of Primary Care Networks.

This means that practices will work together, covering more than 30,000 patients, and provide services for those patients nearer to home.

It does not mean that patients no longer belong to their practice or are unable to see their doctor, nor that smaller practices will be closed.

It does mean that additional advances in patient care will be available locally.

Initially there will be pharmacists attached to the practice to be sure that all patients are on the right medication. They will not be giving out pills but checking on need and safety.

Another early change will be that of social prescribing, ensuring that all have access to events which will reduce loneliness and depression.

In the North East region of Oxfordshire there are two primary care networks:

  • Bicester (comprising Montgomery House Surgery, Alchester Medical Group and Bicester Health Centre)
  • Kidlington, known as KIWY (comprising Kidlington area, Islip, Woodstock and Yarnton)

There is no wall between the two networks and many services such as District Nursing will continue to work across the whole region.